In the Army, we strive to be the good Leader, and not the bad boss.  When I joined the Army 15 years ago, at the tender age of 17, in my junior year, I honestly did not know what I was in for.  I just knew, or rather thought I knew, that I wanted to leave the tobacco fields of Kentucky behind.  I was tired of working the fields of my grandparents farm and I wanted out.  Turns out, this was not such a bad idea.


I was in for a rude awakening at basic training. I honestly don’t’ think I have ever been yelled at that much in my entire life.  I learned the reasoning behind military discipline and the why of how we do things.  Initially I did not intend to make the Army a career, but after deploying a few times, and earning rank, I discovered that I loved the structure of the Army and the partnership that comes with being part of an organization such as this.  I immensely enjoy leading and training Soldiers to someday take my job and perform even better than I have.  At times it’s rough, and more than once I miss my family, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.  This is me, all dressed up, sitting at my desk:

All dressed up at work