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Cheyenne Zoo review

Cheyenne Zoo Review

off to the zoo we shall go….

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During these summer months this is the perfect time to take your kiddos to places like the zoo, aquarium and parks. Today’s adventures were to Cheyenne Moutain Zoo  in Colorado Springs, CO.

By far this is the best zoo I have ever been to. Our little family likes the outdoor activities, and since we move every 3 years, we get the opportunity to see different parts of the United States.

Anyway, my review will start at the entrance. With today being a Saturday, in June, this is considered to be peak times. When the lady told me $39.25 for admittance, I looked at her like she was crazy. I mean, it was just me and my two boys. Heck, Wyatt cost $.25, so I pulled out the money and onward we went.

The first exhibit is the Giraffe’s. These guys are awesome because you get to feed them and there are several to choose from. You are required to buy lettuce from a vendor that costs $3 for one serving or $5 for two. Armed with my two servings off we went to feed the Giraffe’s. These guys know that you have food; they will do whatever it takes to get through the wooden slats to get to you. It’s rather funny to see, and I do have pictures attached. Wyatt was not exactly loving the idea of a Giraffe being near him, but the baby one would not give up. In his stroller, he was able to give the smaller one a sliver of lettuce.

The lion exhibit is kind of small, but they don’t seem to mind. The picture attached shows them lounging around. I kept thinking, when I was taking the picture  how this dude could be pondering how to make us lunch, but hey he didn’t make any moves.

The meerkats were on display, I mean they displayed themselves. He just sat there staring at us, staring at him. I wonder if it was a staring contest that I didn’t win. By far the elephants are my kid’s second favorite. My son Caleb always wants to see them poop, I don’t know a 5 year olds mind, but that’s what he says.

When you move to the wallaby exhibit, don’t be surprised to find that you are actually in their enclosure. Our first adventure through, they actually walked right beside us. I thought something was wrong until the volunteer told me that all was well.

The funniest animal was not an actual exhibit. It was a chipmunk who kept visiting us while we were eating our rainbow dipping dots (yes they are great). He even got close enough to take a raisin out of Caleb’s hand.

Goat’s are an exhibit that is kid friendly. You pay the lady $1 for a cup of food, and off you go to feed the goats. There is one on top, that has a contraption, where you put the food in the can at the bottom, and she will wheel it up to the top to eat, rinse and repeat. Caleb loves feeding her and gets excited when she wheels it up.

The monkeys were on display and eating or swinging around in their enclosure. I always like seeing the many different species of monkeys.

All right, the last thing we did before we left was interesting. Somehow my 5 year old talked me into doing the sky-lift. I think my mind left my body for a minute, and I said yes. Anyhow, up we go, Caleb, Wyatt and I, on this chair lift with only a bar to keep us in. Normally I am not afraid of heights, but when you are holding a 16 month old in your lap, you tend to worry about the remote possibility of either falling or him leaping off. Regardless, this didn’t happen, and there are very nice views for the 10-20 minute ride. This particular feature cost me $9 ($5 for me, and $5 for Caleb with Wyatt being free).

In hindsight, there are double carts that can be rented when you first walk in, and I will rent them for the next time because after so long, your kid will begin to complain that they are tired from walking. This would definitely alleviate that issue.

This zoo is located on the side of Cheyenne Mountains, and not really for the faint of heart. You will do some serious walking, but it is so worth it. If you are not from Colorado, the elevation will need to be taken into consideration. We are 6000 feet above sea level and it will get to you quickly. I have no doubt that we will return again. Maybe our next time will be on one of the special occasions that they advertise.

Lastly, if you reading this post, and wonder how in the world I managed to get my content online, trust me, it’s easier than you think. I simply signed up with Bluehost, and started my journey into blogdom.

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