Gallivanting around Colorado, take 1 – Seven Falls

Gallivanting around Colorado, take 1 – Seven Falls

Who knew Colorado had so many different outside attractions? I’ve lived here for a few months and yesterday I made the trek out to Seven Falls. seven fallsSeven Falls is a natural set of waterfalls and is absolutely beautiful. It was a warm 80 degrees outside, and a clear day, therefore, people were out in droves. It wasn’t so packed that it was a hassle, but you definitely could not move fast, if that was your goal. However, this place is meant to be taken in and admired at a standpoint.

First things first, you cannot simply drive into these falls; you have to take a shuttle (free). You will have to park at The Broadmoor and then wait for the shuttle. The ride was about 5 minutes or so and the driver gave us a few details about the park during the trip. While we were driving, a small buck walked beside us, which if you live here in Colorado, is not a new sign. Wildlife are everywhere, literally, outside my house I swear there’s a rabbits den. I can sit on my front porch and watch the rabbits run around in my yard.


General Admission

When the shuttle drops you off, there’s a ticket counter for entrance. General admission is $14 per adult, $8 for children (2-12), under 2 are free. It is important to note though, that this park is generally a walk around park. From the base to the seven falls is .8 of a mile. There is a tram that will drive you up if you are unable to make the walk; it costs $2 per person.

Now we begin our walk up the incline. To the left of me, the falls continue down in a stream. It gets wider and bigger the farther you go up. The first stop is a gift shop, and a tall, tall ladder that leads up to an overlook called the eagle’s nest. Of course, I went up and even though I am not afraid of heights, this staircase is at an incline that if I slipped, I would fall pretty much straight down. So, don’t look down, that might deter you from reaching the platform. Once up there though, the view is beautiful. You have a unique view of the falls, and the rock formations all around. There is an elevator for those who cannot climb the stairs.

There is a second staircase farther up the trail that has 224 stairs. Best butt ever, here I come, again this staircase is at a fairly steep climb, so be careful and don’t lean over the rail or look down. You will get an up close and personal view of the falls during the climb, it’s a nice view.

Hiking Trails

If you are the hiking type, there are two trails once you walk into the wooded area. If you go left, it’s called inspiration point, a mildly difficult uphill climb. There are no rails here, you are part of the mountain, so again if you don’t like heights, this may not be for you. Once at the top, the view is spectacular. You can overlook parts of Colorado Springs and the Seven Falls. I wanted to shout “I am queen of the world”, but there were people up there and I didn’t want them to push me over the edge for being crazy. If you go right, it’s the midnight falls trail, much less difficult and fairly flat until you get to the final waterfall. It’s a beautiful sight as well.

So remember how I said you had to go up 224 stairs, you must come down them too. Dang law of gravity, why must I have to go back down stairs, I am not a stair person. Regardless, going down the stairs carefully is interesting because people are coming up the small steps. Here I am finally back down those god awful stairs.


Midnight Falls

The way I understand the directions here, is that if you come at night, the falls are illuminated and I can only imagine how pretty they are. I did not come back for this, but I have a feeling I will. Also located here is a zip line that I wish I had partaken in, because I love thrills, but you have to purchase the tickets beforehand. No biggie, next time I will do it. If all the stair climbing, and hiking has worked up an appetite, there is a restaurant here. . I didn’t bring extra cash, or my wallet, but it sure smelled good.

I would recommend this natural beauty, it was scenic and serene and the rock formations were beautiful.

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9 thoughts on “Gallivanting around Colorado, take 1 – Seven Falls

    1. I won’t lie to you, the stairs are unnervingly high, but the view is amazing. If you are into the hiking scene, the trip up is totally worth it.

  1. Great pictures! I like how you talked about the whole hike, costs, what to expect along the way etc. Definitely something to check out if we make it to that part of Colorado!

    1. Seven Falls is just one of many scenic attractions here. Come on over, if you like outdoorsy life, this place is beautiful.

    1. My pictures don’t do the falls justice. Next time, I am going to try out the midnight falls with the lights, I bet that’s amazing.

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