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6 Must Haves For Breastfeeding

6 Must Haves For Breastfeeding

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6 Must Haves for BreastfeedingWhen I became a mom, I knew that I was going to try to breastfeed my children. I had read the pamphlets, listened to the doctor’s advice, and here I am ready to do the deed.  Wait, what in the world do I need to help me breastfeed, what are my essential items?  Everybody had told me breast is best, but no one really gave me a list as to what I needed.  Here I am 12 years and three children later, and I will give you a down and dirty list of what you will need to be successful at breastfeeding.

1. Nipple ointment. Yes I said nipple ointment. Your nipples will become sore, and when I say sore, you may even cry when the tiny monster is trying to nurse, sore. Some people have said that their nipples cracked and bled.  I did not bleed, thank god, but I did experience the soreness.  My baby would suck so hard sometimes that I think he gave me a hickey on my nipple, something I never knew could happen, but it did.  Regardless, there are products that are perfectly safe for baby that you can use to get some comfort.  There are several on the market, and I will cover the two I tried.  First I tried the Lansinoh Lanolin , this salve is wonderful.  When it comes to this product, a small amount is needed. Apply this directly to the nipple as many times as you need and you should feel some relief.  It is free of pesticide, additives and preservatives as well as hypoallergenic.  It is also the #1 recommended nipple cream by doctors and lactation consultants.  The second one I would recommend is the Medela tender care nipple cream . I actually got this one with my breast pump, so why not.  This one was just as easy to use and we had no adverse reaction. It is also hypoallergenic and contains all natural ingredients.

2. Nursing bras. I can’t even being to describe how necessary these are. First, when you are nursing your breasts are going to be so tender and sore, not to mention “huge”. If you were not endowed before in regards to breast size, after baby and during nursing, you will be.  It is amazing how big your boobs will be.  With that being said, it is important to get a nursing bra that will work for you and your baby.  Every nursing bra I have ever seen has the clip in the front that un-clips and gives baby access to your breast.  There are ones that are called sleep bras that you would just pull to the side.  There is not much hold control with these, but they sure are comfortable.  It really is your preference when it comes to type of bra, but take into account the fact that your breast size will fluctuate.  As your baby gets older, they may not nurse as often and your size would decrease.  You can find nursing bras in almost every department store.  The ones I got were from Target and Wal-Mart.  They generally range from $15-30, and it would be a good idea to get more than one.  The Motherhood Maternity store sells bras, but I am a bit cheap, so I tried to stay away from there.

My 1st Years
3. Nursing pads. Inevitably you will leak during your breastfeeding journey. This always happens at the worst times too.  Nursing pads are worn in the nursing bra to catch any leakage.  I don’t know what physiologically causes my boobs to leak when I hear “any” baby cry.  Yes, any baby.  This also happens if you start to think about your baby or get upset.  Regardless, you can get a box of 100 from Lansinoh .They are soft and are made for the tender nipples.  For whatever reason, the pads tended to irritate my already sore nipples, so I would recommend using these with the ointment.

Inevitably you will leak during your breastfeeding journey. This always happens at the worst times! Click To Tweet

4. Nursing cover. I am sure some people will think I am crazy for this one, but a lot of people are not comfortable with nursing in public without one. I recommend one that is lightweight and has a pretty pattern. This is just me, and there are a plethora of them out there.  This nursing cover  is pretty, comes in several different colors and looks more like a smock than a cover.  If you read above, I tend to be cheap, so less than $10 is my market. If I didn’t see the tiny feet, I may not know she was nursing.

5. If you decide to pump and store milk, you will need a breast pump and bags. Most insurance companies will send you a breast pump, but if not, I used the Medela pump in style I liked this one because it looks a lot like a shoulder bag and comes with many different accessories.  If you have not noticed a theme here, I tend to go towards Lansinoh.  You can get their storage bags for $10 for 100 bags.  There are many different types of bags, some that zip, some that button.  But I used these and they worked fine.

6. Nursing pillow. A nursing pillow is great for those who are new to breastfeeding and/or would like to keep their hands free. The boppy pillow is amazing with its unique wrap around design.  The one thing I do love about this pillow is that even after you’re done with nursing, you can use this pillow to prop your baby up, or to allow for tummy time.  There are many different uses for a pillow that cost $35.

I kept this list short because these are the items that are truly necessary. I have had great success with all of these items and if you have any more that you would like to see added to the list, please hit me up in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “6 Must Haves For Breastfeeding

  1. Great list! I’d also add a nursing bra for anyone who pumps. Even just making one from an old sports bra (wish I heard about that before buying). It was a lifesaver for me!

  2. These are great tips and musts for new moms. Although my little princess is 10 months, she weaned herself at 4 months. I was so sad and tried everything (including pumping) but to no avail. The pillow was an absolute must for me.

    1. I’m with you. After about 4 months with my daughter and son, they wanted the bottle. It did break my heart, but at least they were still getting the nutrition they needed. I hated pumping with them, and didn’t love it with my 16th month old, but he loves booby milk lol. That pillow is great right! I used it for everything with them.

  3. Hey – this is a GREAT list! I am adding it to my Tailwind, thank you! I wanted to let you know that some of your ad links don’t make sense though, the Amazon ones are on point, but the other ones that pop up when hovered over, like ‘Shoulder bags’ take you to laptop bags or other such things. Thought you might want to know. =)

  4. That is a great list. I’ve BF 4 of my 5 kids for a total BF time of 7.5 years (yes, I calculated lol). The only thing I would add is a giant cup/mug for water. I used to get SUPER thirsty with each feeding and those giant mugs came in quite handy at my bedside during night time feedings.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. This is true. I didn’t think of the bottle of water that I always have by my bed. When I really got into breastfeeding, I did drink a LOT of fluids. Thank you for that addition!

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