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Girl in an Army World

This morning, I realized that I have written a few posts about the most random things, but I have not given any insight as to who I am and what I do.  The title above seriously gives away my job.  I am an Army girl, yes I get it, its a reference to the Barbie girl song, but I can assure you, I am not a Barbie.

I consider myself to be a normal, average woman that happens to be in the Army.  Do I have a type A personality and a can do attitude?  To be honest, in order to make it in the Army world, you have to have both.  There is no way I would have gotten where I am today if I didn’t have the gumption to never quit and continue on with whatever life, or the Army for that matter, throws at me.

Now that being said, in the Army world there are definite constraints to being, well girly, we have to maintain strict standards when it comes to dress and physical appearance, but there are ways to remain girly.  You can bet that if I took my boots off right now, you would find bright pink nail polish on my toes.  I have even went above and beyond and put a flower on my big toe.  Yes I know, its fancy, but I have get girly wherever I can.

I can’t wear nail polish color on my nails anymore, but I never really was one for that.  I have always like to dress up my toes, weirdly as that sounds.  When it comes to hair standards, there are so many to name, that you would really have to get in to the regulation AR 670-1 to truly understand what you can and cannot do.  However, I am a natural redhead and let me tell you, generally speaking I am the only one sporting it in the room.  But hey, I gotta be different where I can be.  As long as it’s off my collar and neat, no one really gives me grief.

I tend to be on the stick figure side, and let me tell you that’s not always a good thing, but regardless, I don’t deal too much with people telling me that my uniform looks to tight or whatnot.  I always get the comments of do you eat or here have a bigger portion.  What they don’t seem to get is that I can eat all day long and I will still not grow bigger boobs or a more round behind.  It is what it is, I have learned to accept it.

Makeup is always a topic for discussion because it is often left up to interpretation.  The regulation states earthy tones, well what the heck are earthy tones you ask?  These are generally the tans, and browns, yes blah colors.  I have seen so many different versions of this that its mind boggling.  You will always have someone who is out there in left field doing her own thing and then you have me.  I generally only wear mascara because I am pasty white and I think it brings out my eyes.  But hey, as long as you are not crazy past the regulation line, most won’t say anything.  I won’t get in to the things that bug me about that, but after 15 years in the Army, some things are just best left along.

It’s funny because I have an apple watch, and the band is a quiet pink, and yes I love the fact that it is not the army standard.  There is no real clarification on the fact that I can’t wear it, so I will continue to do my own thing until I am corrected, or the regulation changes.

While I am not outlandish and for lack of a better word, “Barbie”, I do things that remind me that yes I am a woman, and as such it’s the small things that matter.  I don’t condemn those who don’t’ feel the need to do what I do, or even those that push the limits, unless it’s too far, because we are all different and that’s exceptionally beautiful.

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