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Fisher Price F-150 Power Wheel

Boys and their toysBoys and their Toys!

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The things that we buy for our kids never cease to amaze me. We have two boys, ages 5 and 17 months and they are very, very active.  My husband and I decided that we needed more reason to worry, so we bought them an F-150 Fisher Price Power Wheels. This thing is too cute, and fairly realistic.  Of course it is plastic, and can ride two people at any given time.  The tires have the monster traction and drives through almost anything.  My son did get it stuck going up a hill, but I think that he just got scared.

How many times can you go around and around..

While I was watching them drive around for the uptenth time, I realized that they were content to simply drive around the house over and over again.

Now, if you have boys around this age, you know that they are almost to the point of crazy, so I will spend the money to give them a little bit of fun while they are young.

The price for happiness….

One thing I didn’t care for, was the price, and the fact that it did not come put together. I figure if I am going to spend around $250 for something, it should come mostly together.  I mean the box is HUGE. We spent the better part of an hour trying to put this together.  Have you ever tried to put together a toy for your kids while they were there? OMG, was what I thinking?  I have to admit it was nice to see them trying to help and work together versus fight all the time, but it took forever for us all to get it together and put all the stickers on.

Boys and Their ToysThe battery is a simple 12 volt battery that can be charged with the AC adapter, which is included. You simply pop it out from under the hood and plug it in for a while.

The weight capacity is 130 lbs, so I think we are set for a while with these boys, as long as they don’t break it in the meantime.


I would buy it again!

I am glad we bought it and I look forward to the many laughs I am sure we will get from it. This was not a sponsored post, I just simply wanted to share this experience and give some insight to a toy that I think kids will love.

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6 thoughts on “Fisher Price F-150 Power Wheel

    1. My boys love it, and my 12 year old daughter Abby gets on it too, albeit she is too big, but i found a toy she will play with, so i take it as a win. Wyatt (17 months) just sits in it and lets Caleb (5) drive him all over the place. Its rather funny to watch because it lets Caleb be a little bit independent and the boys don’t fight over it.

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