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I have your six…

I have your six…

army lifeThis post contains affiliate links, which means i receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.  It’s a funny thing, the world we live in today.  There’s a phrase the we Soldiers use religiously, one that is meant when it is said.  We don’t care what color, ethnicity, or gender you feel you are that day.  It simply does not matter.  But I promise you, when I tell you that “I got your six”, I sure as hell don’t mean, if I like you, or if you are white, or god forbid if you were a woman.  It means, if you are in the crap hole with me, and you need support you better believe I GOT YOUR SIX. 

That phrase isn’t said just to say it.  We don’t tell our battle buddies that we love them, just to say it.  We don’t swear an oath to defend everything that we stand for, and yes even those we don’t agree with, just to say it.  It is truly because when there are bullets flying and bombs exploding, we mean it.  We mean it, with every fiber of our being, with everything we got, so please don’t think we say it just to say it.

There’s a reason we defend our nation… 

I have spent the last 15 years of my life training, deploying, training again, and deploying again, over and over again, in order to keep those in America safe.  I took it straight to heart when those towers fell.  I was at Ft. Myer VA, less than a mile away from the Pentagon, when the earth shook.  I will never forget that day.  I will never forget the fear, the sadness, and good GOD the anger that I felt, knowing that Americans, too many Americans lost their lives that day.  So you best believe, that I GOT YOUR SIX. 

I turn on the news today and I see the hate, oh my god the hate.  Where did we go wrong?  When did it begin to matter again, our differences?  I grew up in rural Kentucky, on a farm no less, and I never once thought that because you were a different race, color, gender that it mattered.  As long as you pulled your own weight, we were cool. I was raised to believe that people will form their own beliefs, and that prejudice and racism shouldn’t be even remotely considered. 

I took that belief and I stand by it today.  I simply don’t care what your nationality, race, gender, color or whatever else you can add is.  As long as you have my SIX, I don’t care. 

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Army Life…

I love the Army, and even with all its shortcomings and ignorance/stupidity.  When you go through serious training, an IED explosion in the middle of the desert, or GOD when you lose a battle buddy, something happens.  This something is not a name I know, but it sure as hell is something that causes you to care about the person next to you.  It causes you to put aside differences and stand post.  Some of the greatest people and friends I know/have are of different races. It kills me that my children have to grow up with this hate because it is just not necessary.  It is not necessary for us to continue to repeat the cycle of hate around us.  For the love GOD, why can’t we just get along…?

As an instructor, one of the classes that I teach talks about how I as a leader can influence you or how you can influence your Soldiers.  The question I always ask, what is the one thing I cannot influence? 


they are the reason whyI cannot influence your past.  I can’t because it has already happened.  What I can do is influence your future.  I can’t take away all the negativity and hatred of the past, but I can teach you to not necessarily not care about it, because it does shape us to a point, but what I can do is help you not repeat the same mistakes that the past has.  I can teach you to put aside all the crap and noise outside, and to look at each other as equals.  Because guess what, if we get in a firefight, I promise it will not matter what you look like, it won’t matter if you are gay/bisexual, whatever; what will matter is that you have my SIX and I have yours. 

Even as the country continues to divide itself, we as an Army, as a family work together because we are brothers and sisters in Arms.  We work together because we know that it matters, that we matter to each other.  The system would not work if we could not stand side by side and do what needs to be done.

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When you have felt the fire of an explosion under your feet, when you watch someone you love and call a friend die, the world around you changes.  Your perspective changes, and I can tell you that it won’t matter what skin color, race, gender or ethnicity you have.  You will stand together, and you will fight the ACTUAL Enemy, because he is counting on us remaining divided.  He is counting on us failing to be united.  And you can best believe, they are hoping that we don’t win.  What he doesn’t know, is that we never stop, regardless of how we feel.  The will to win is in the American blood, we just have to learn to have each other SIX.


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