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The crazy things kids say

The crazy things kids say,

sometimes it is just too funny not to share….

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There are always crazy things coming out of my 5 year olds mouth, but sometimes they are just so funny and off the wall that you have to share. I have to give you the back story to truly understand the funniness about it.

With my children I have never really been one to force them out of the bathroom when I’m showering or using it for that matter. For some reason on this day when I was getting out of the shower Caleb looked at me quizzically and asked me, “mom, what’s that? Why does your wiener (yes, my husband has a strange sense of humor, and thinks Caleb is too old for pee pee) look different than mine”?

Of course during this question, my husband walks in the bathroom. He looks at me, while I look at him and neither of us answers the question. Caleb is patiently waiting for us, and again asks why his wiener looks different. I explain to him that he is a boy and I am a girl and that we have different anatomy. He still looks at me weird and I have no other answer for him.

It’s at this time that he comes up with his own version of what “mommy” had. He looks at us innocently and says “oh you have a butt wiener”. What the heck is that? After I stop laughing, I ask him why he came up with that name. “Well, mom it looks like a butt and, you pee out of it, so you must have a butt wiener. Ya’ll I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even comprehend an actual rebuttal to that one.

He still thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever come up with and teases me about the name. My husband, who doesn’t help the situation, tells everyone he knows who then feels the need to bring it up when they see me. Apparently I live in a house with two 5 year olds now. I truly believe that men never really grow up.
The things that children say can be truly funny. I can only imagine his next crazy antic.

Lastly, if you reading this post, and wonder how in the world I managed to get my kid’s crazy content online, trust me, it’s easier than you think. I simply signed up with Bluehost, and started my journey into blogdom.

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