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The Ultimate top 10 Gift ideas for those who provide

With the Christmas season upon us,

we remember to get gifts for our children, our parents and sometimes even our friends, but who gets lost in this tradition? I have 3 children, 2 of which are currently in daycare as I write this post, and I would like to talk about what I can do for their daycare providers this holiday.

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Now I must say this, and I know some people may not agree, but my children are simply not angels. I have two boys ages 5 and 1, and they are just crazy hellions.  I know this because during the weekend when they are home, at the end of the night, I’m ready to pull my hair out, so I have no idea what having 20 or so children for 12 hours a day would be like.

It’s funny that because I am in the Army, I always get asked, how do you do it, how can you leave your children for months on end, but for me, I have to ask how in the world do daycare providers, babysitters, or anyone else who watches children for hours on end, day after day, do it? I couldn't do it, I really couldn't, I simply don't have the patience. Click To Tweet

Regardless, these women and men in some cases work very hard to not only keep our children alive, but also keep them entertained and educated. So with that thought, I would like to give you the top 10 things that people in those positions have said that they would love and appreciate.

#1. After a long stressful day, many women love to take a bath to help them relax.  There are several things that we use.   Candles are top of the list and these candles not only smell nice, but many scents have the ability to calm and de-stress, not mention these come in these pretty containers.  They sell in a 4 pack and cost $15.98 for different scents.  I know I like to experiment with smells to see if I would like them, so I can only imagine I’m not the only one.

#2  In addition to the candles, many women use bath bombs or bubble baths.  This gift set comes in 12 and they are handmade, which means they are unique, much like the person they are meant for. The price for this is $25.80 and can be for anyone.

#3  One of the biggest gift ideas that many people have mixed feelings about includes a gift card flower-pot or cup.  I generally get a large cup and then buy the place card holders, that look like this:

I then buy gift cards at $5 each from places like Starbucks, Target, Wal-mart, Old Navy, or wherever you like and these make beautiful gifts that may not be specific but at the end of the day, it is the thought that counts.  At least with these, they can pick out their own gift with the card.

#4  I found a plant that is labeled TickleMe Plant and it’s so cute that I had to add it.  At $16.95 this is something that your provider could put in the room and then everyone gets to enjoy it. I think I may buy one for home, just for the kids.

#5 This beautiful wall hanging come as a wood sign or canvas wall hanging and just reading it, brought tears to my eyes.
This is simply beautiful and I am glad I happened across it during my research for this post.  It costs $24.50 for a 10×16 sign.

#6 Daycare providers can be teachers of many things. Heck with my son, she literally potty trained him. All I had to provide was the underoos and off she went. I loved her, and truly do miss her. A lot of women enjoy jewelry, and yes I’m including myself, but many also women enjoy personalized jewelry. This beautiful charm bracelet would be a nice addition. It only cost $9.99 and has 4 different charms already on it.

7. Daycare hours are often very early and later at night. A nice coffee mug would be a good idea to keep the coffee warm throughout the day. This one is rather funny and is a conversation starter. This 16 oz mug costs $15.95.

8. A good food basket can never go wrong. On Amazon, they have a chocolate and nut gift tray that looks beautiful and delicious. It costs $16.31 and can be shipped to your house.
I love shopping from my couch, so this would fit my day!

9. Many women love to cook. Pampered chef, Rachel Ray or William Sonoma brands are aweomse but can be pricey, so a gifcard for some utensils or appliance would be nice.

10. Lastly, money is never out of style and if you are at a true loss, a guesture of $20 can go over well.

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  1. this is SO wonderful and LOVE this post friend! Im def going to be giving some coffee giftcards and mugs to our daycare providers because they do so much for us while watching our little ones!

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