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forest friendsIf anyone were to walk into my home, they would see that I am a huge fan of wall art. I scour the local stores for beautiful artwork that can fit my budget and will decorate my walls. Over the years, my favorites have changed from traditional wall art, to stencils/decals that can be applied easily and moved around. I am a bit of a room changer or as my husband puts it, a flake, so this bodes quite well for me. A website I have recently found is called #MyWondrfulWalls or @MyWonderfulWalls.


This is a stencil gold mine…

They have actual themes to choose from that include animals, trees, flowers or even an actual Forest scene if that fit your fancy. Their prices range anywhere from $12.99 to over $100 for the larger stencils/stickers/decal which is a bargain compared to prices at larger retail stores. For those of you who are eco-friendly, rest assured they are non-toxic and made of high quality polyester fabric material. This panda one caught my eye, and I know it will look great in my lil man’s room. When I get it, I will post an update.

I always see in TV shows or movies how people have the family tree in their house or on the walls as they go up the stairs. Hmm, another idea to look for. It might be interesting to use the template on #WallStickers.  Anyhoo… if you would like to check out the site, please click here: WallStickers.

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