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When did I become the Maid?

Maid, what?..

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my crazy familyAt what point did I sign on to become the maid?  Seriously, I would certainly love to know so I could go back in time and correct that wrong.  To understand my issue, you must understand me, to a point.  I love every single one of my children.  I have 3 biological and 2 step children and they are all sorts of interesting.  That being said, I never once said no I won’t carry and birth the child, and then care for them until they are a certain age, but at what age do they start cleaning up after themselves.

SMALLEST MINIONNow I say this because I am also married to my young son’s father.  If you are a man and reading this well I’m sorry, but I swear I feel like I have 6 children half the time.  How one man can make the amount of messes I clean up, I will never know.  I don’t even blame his mom, because I KNOW she taught him better. I am just one person, but how in the hell did I become the maid, booboo kisser, sewer of seams, reader of books, shoulder to cry, bath giver, lover, woman, and Soldier all in one.  I mean, I really am just one person.  Oh wait, I forgot the dreaded washing machine person.  There are days I would like to simply just burn all of our clothes, but we can’t do that because then what would we wear?

Can I go back in time?…

But let’s get back to the question at hand, how the hell did I become the Maid? I feel like somewhere along the way, I forgot to yell at my children to clean up after themselves once and that just set the precedent for all time.  Maybe there was one day, that mom was having a bad day, and just said to hell with it, I will just clean it up.  Maybe that day it wasn’t worth the argument or the rolling eyes, or the dreaded but mommmm.

Whew, I seriously needed to get that out.  I certainly feel a bit better having written that down.  But even with that ever present question, I have to ask myself, where have I gone?  Am I just mom, or a Soldier in the Army?  Am I just another number?  Do I really matter to anyone?

You bet your ass I do, yes I know I said three curse words in this, but this is me, and there is no reason to sugarcoat it.  There are so many days that I have to remind myself that I am more than mom, more than the clothes person, more than the Leader who is trying to teach you how to better yourself for the Army ranks.

What do you like to do for fun?…

It’s funny that I get asked what I like to do in my free time, and there are days I have no clue the answer to this.  What do I like to do anymore? Oh my god, I’m 36, not a sprung chicken anymore, but not yet mature or old enough to be truly called old, so why can’t I answer this?

It’s a question that I continuously think more of recently, because to be honest, my care meter has been at an all time low.  What do I enjoy?  Let me tell you, this Tab enjoys more than being mom, Soldier, leader, booboo kisser, MAID and anything else we moms tend to be.

Fifty Shades anyone…

Hmm, let me tell you this one, I would have never thought that I would love, love, love the Fifty Shades of Grey series, but man oh man I did.  I must have been missing some kind of excitement in my life, but those books were like a drug to me.  I have always had the ability to be able to picture what I am reading, so those were very interesting to me, so much so, that I have read them more than once…. See, not just a mom here….

So much so, that i have read them more than once... Click To Tweet

I am no makeup queen, I just can’t get into it, but every single morning, I’m that driver on the road, putting on my eye concealer, eyebrow brushing, and Mascara person.  Literally, I get very odd looks but oh well, I have to somewhat conceal what Mother Nature and time are doing for me.  It makes me feel good and better about how I look, so I will take it…. see this is the woman in me, oh God now I quoted Shania.

My one skincare, go to… love face masks…

Have you ever had this mask routine that you just loved?  I would put a face mask on every day if my skin would not peel off after about the 3rd day.  I have a friend whose mom makes her own and has a website and these are awesome.  My skin always feels better and cleaner afterwards.  I actually have pics to prove it. kicks for moms I am also the mom who scares her children with it; yes I have to get my kicks in somewhere.  Regardless, this is another thing that I have to do to remind myself that I am NOT just MOM.

I wish I were the dress wearing women that I see all the time, but you almost always find me in my Adidas running pants and some kind of shirt. That would be the tomboy in me, but oh well, I am from Kentucky after all.  I don’t apologize because I just like to be comfortable.  I say let those who are in their 20’s be uncomfortable with the string bikinis and miniskirts because I am just too old or tired for it.

I hope that this reaches someone who is much like me or has their own routine to remind themselves they are NOT just what everyone needs.  As I write this I am also drinking this fabulous glass of wine, because if you read above, I deal with approximately “6” children on a daily basis, so wine is a necessity for me to keep my sanity.  Please feel free to add your own comments because I would love to see what other “moms” do for their own identity remembrances!

Thanks and until tomorrow


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4 thoughts on “When did I become the Maid?

  1. I feel like the maid a lot too. I’ve been pushing back to get my husband and young son to take on some responsibility too. It’s working but slowly lol

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