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Which diaper is the right one for me?

Diapers Galore

So many different diapers to choose from….

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Did you know that there are several different types of diapers on the market?  Seriously, how is any one person supposed to be able to decipher the best for their baby? First things first, what kind are we using?  Do we go with cloth or disposable? OMG what about when we are old and need to wear diapers, ehhh can’t think about that one yet…

The easier version to explain is cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers are reusable and come with a bleached or unbleached version. They are made out of cotton and again are reusable.  Many people have begun to choose this method due to the effect on the environment, however, remember when I said reusable, think about it…. Where does the “stuff” go? If you guessed that you’re cleaning up the mess, then you would be correct.  Don’t get me wrong, there are several different cute styles to choose from, but I personally cannot get past the having to empty the contents myself.

Now that the stickier version is done, we shall get down to the disposable sort.  I will start with the more environment friendly version.  The honest company offers a super absorbent, chlorine free, type of diaper.

They really do have some cute versions, especially for boys.  They had skulls on them; I mean who can say no to that.  I tried these when my sons were born; however, while they are great for babies that tend to be more allergic to stuff, they do not hold much “stuff”.  My sons both peed out of them consistently, even when I would get a bigger size.  They simply don’t hold much fluid and for the price, I need them to hold the stuff in.  They generally are priced around $25-30 dollars for a box of 60 diapers.

Pampers are another large brand of diapers.  I have used these diapers a lot and in the hospital ward, you will probably find these diapers over any other brands.  For newborns the swaddlers, I think are the best, they will hold a good deal of “stuff” and with the small cutout for the umbilical cord, it’s a great buy.  When my babies are smaller, I will buy these more often than not.  Generally they are priced between $25-30 for a box of 148.

Now we must move on to the giant, Huggies.  I love these diapers.  They are by far the best for my children.  They come in several different styles, but I will talk about snug & dry and little movers for which I have used and continue to use.  Up until they move around a lot, the snug & dry; dry are a great bet.  They have a triple layer protection and turn leak lock system that provides 12 hours of leakproofness (my new word).  The little movers have a DryTouch Liner and Double Grip Strips that work together to keep the “stuff” in and keep the diaper on.  For a box of 148, you will be expected to pay between $25-30 dollars.

If you have noticed a trend here, it’s the prices.  They are generally around the same price.  As the sizes go up, the amount of diapers will fluctuate.  My 16 month old son is in the between stages of 4-5 and half the time will run around in just his t-shirt and diaper.  I never really worry that he is going to have an accident on the furniture or floor, because I trust that huggies will keep him safe.

There are several more brands of disposable diapers, and I have not tried every single one, but when you are looking for diapers, personal preference is a must.  I know that I rely a lot on my mom friends and what I know as a mom in order to make the decision, but every future mom must make it.

I would like to hear your preference and why.  Information is power, and knowledge is something that we must continue to seek.

Lastly, if you reading this post, and wonder how in the world I managed to get my content online, trust me, it’s easier than you think. I simply signed up with Bluehost, and started my journey into blogdom.

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5 thoughts on “Which diaper is the right one for me?

  1. I remember those days all too well and pretty much being overwhelmed with everything! All I wanted was a diaper that would keep the babies dry the entire night!

  2. Dang! So many diapers, this post has a lot of great information! I’m not a mom yet, but I can imagine that finding diapers for your baby will be a challenge, but thanks for the list!

    1. Wait until you walk in a store like Walmart, and see the diaper aisle. It is absolutely nuts how many there are to choose from.

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